• Universal Investments Limited(UIL)
    UIL established in the Cayman Islands in 1996. OIDC invests UIL, entering petroleum related business. The core business of UIL is crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products
    trading business.

  • Overseas Electric & Engineering Corporation(OEE)
    OEE established in Taiwan, OIDC owned 100% shareholding. OEE is engaged in international electrical engineering business, including electrical and electromechanical procurement and construction services and power supply solutions such as power grid systems, solar power plants, and related consulting, operation, repair and maintenance services.

  • Phu Vinh Industrial Park
    Phu Vinh Industrial Park in Vietnam was established in 2010, which OIDC owned 10% shareholding. Phu Vinh Industrial Park is engaged in industrial zone development and urban development in Vietnam. Current investment is the first phase of the industrial zone (207 hectares) and 25 housing/commercial area(25 hectares) in Vinh An Economic Zone, Ha Tinh Province where is next to Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation. It can provide the metal processing company of related steel industries to build plant and develop the business.